Cold Brew Package

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What are the benefits of cold brewing??

1 Low bitterness
Steeping at low temperature will release less polyphenols, catechins and other bitter substances from the tea leaves, while the sweet theophylline will be released completely after a long steeping time, making the taste more sweet and less bitter, so people who are not accustomed to drinking sugar-free tea can also drink it.

2 Low caffeine and tannin content
Tea leaves contain caffeine and tannins, so the cold brewing method can reduce the content of both in the tea broth, alleviate the irritation to the stomach, and improve the problem of "can't sleep after drinking tea", which is very suitable for people who normally drink less tea.

It is especially suitable for people who normally drink less tea. Green tea, which has a lower fermentation rate, contains more tannins, so the cold infusion reduces the release of tannins, allowing even people with weak stomachs to enjoy the taste of tea.


How to:

The most common ratio of tea leaves to water is about 1:100 (1g to 100ml). Put the tea leaves into a container, pour cold water at room temperature or 4 degrees Celsius, cover and leave it at room temperature for about 4 to 6 hours; you can also steep it directly in the refrigerator, but it must be steeped at low temperature for 8 hours or overnight, the taste will be slightly different, you can adjust it yourself.

Recommended brewing time in refrigerator is 8 hours for green and black teas and 10 hours for oolong teas. 


In Cold Brew Package you will receive: 

50g "Caramel Butter" – Milky Oolong

50g "Rose Garden" – Rose Black

50g "Temple of Heaven" Gunpowder Green

Kinto CAPSULE cold brew carafe 1 L